Paid for the perfect body!

We have recently uncovered what appears to be another example of a growing, and at times disturbing trend, of a woman employing very extreme measures to achieve what she feels is the perfect body image. Plastic surgery, Lipo auctions, fat injections, nose jobs, the list goes on and on with the options modern medicine has made available for women and men to take advantage in their quest for the perfect body, face and a look of eternal youth.

Well, Argentinian model Aleira Avendano has subjected herself to all of the aforementioned medical procedures, plus a few not included in the list and many multiple times, plus a corset and eating regime that is certainly far from healthy.
Come meet the woman with the perfect body!


Photo via Instagram


20 Plastic Surgeries

Photo via Instagram

The 26-year has undergone over 20 plastic surgeries, including four separate breast enhancements, two nose job, and a gastric bypass, three butt implants, a forehead lift, liposuction and neck elongation Aleira even had her teeth removed and replaced them with dentures to help generate that perfect smile.
“Every woman should have plastic surgery to be truly beautiful,” Avendano recently told the Daily Mail.