Video! United Airlines - 71-Year-Old Shoved to the Ground!


More Trouble For United!

More trouble for United Airlines after a surveillance video from 2015 has surfaced because the lawsuit has now come to trial. The encounter was between Ronald Tigner, a 71-year-old Houston lawyer and two United employees, Alejandro Anastasia and Ianthe Phillips-Allred.

It all began when Tigner was issued an illegible boarding. He made “numerous attempts” to request a new/reprinted pass, but according to the lawsuit, United agents denied him to issue a new one and was told to continue on to the security checkpoint. Here Transportation Security Administration authorities denied Tigner access because of his poorly printed pass!

So Tigner went back to the United ticketing area, again trying to get a new ticket. This is when and where he approached Alejandro Anastasia and Ianthe Phillips-Allred and the altercation occurs.

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United In Trouble!

This is definitely not what you expect to happen when asking a simple question to an airline employee!