VIDEO! Woman on Bus Has 100s of Bugs Crawling in Her Hair!


Try Not to "Bug Out"!

This video is both gross and sad. However, it is also completely perplexing why this woman does not feel these little critters crawling around in her hair and undoubtedly on her scalp.
Something else we find odd is that whoever it was that shot this video - from such a close proximity - did not immediately bolt o a different seat as soon as they noticed what was going on in this woman's hair.
Apparently there are a lot of mysteries revolting around this video, but one thing is for sure those are some nasty looking bugs living in that woman's hair.
We would also like to go on record as saying that having head lice is not always indicative of being unclean. Well-groomed people can catch head lice, however we still cannot figure out why this woman is oblivious to her situation.


 Photo via Sklice

The Video!