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Worlds Strongest Man is also on a Popular TV Show

440 Pounds of Brute Strength!

A 6ft-9in, 440 pound giant, wiped the floor with his opponents in the year’s World’s Strongest Man competition. The year’s widely coveted event was held in Manila, Philippines, where the best and the biggest came out to compete, however , "the "giant of a man's" closest opponents, Mateusz Kieliszkowski and Brian Shaw were both over 5 points behind.

The only man fans thought may have a shot at beating the big guy was, Eddie Hall, who set a world-record in the deadlift with 1100 pounds in 2016, but had to retire due to health issues. Hall wound up handing his title to the 440 pound giant. However, even before Hall dropped out of the scene, all signs were pointing to the big man being victorious — with first place wins already under his weight lifting belt at this year’s Arnold Strongman Classic and Europe’s Strongest Man Competition.

Here are some highlights of a man moving a mountain!

Live From World's Strongest Man 2018

The tension mounted as the weight increased!

A Huge Amount of Weight!

More weight than most can squat!