“You’ve Got Good Taste.” Foods to Eat for Better Tasting Semen!


Taste Great...and Good for You!

There’s a very large percentage of the population that have never tasted semen and never want to! However, thankfully there are those kind, sexy souls out there that are willing to taste the seed of our loins. So, with that being said, I think you would agree the least we could do is make the taste as appealing as possible, right?
When people describe the taste of semen the consensus is that “normal” semen has as slightly salty flavor. However, the taste of semen is also know to taste different from man to man and baring certain genetic difference, there are some universal activities a man can do to make his semen taste “better”.
We compiled a relatively scientific list of food dos and don’ts to take note of if there is even the hint of some oral activity going down later in the night’s activity.

Semen social 2

Photo via Inkedmag