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25 Tattoo Artists Reveal Their Success Stories | INKED Talk

Ryan Ashley, Anthony Michaels, Paul Booth, Megan Massacre and More!

If you were to be asked 15 to 20 years ago, 'What a tattoo artists looks like?', you would likely get a radically different answer than today. The tattoo industry has expanded immensely over the years and the media has showcased artistic talent across every gender, sexual orientation, race, age and ethnicity. The tattoo world is no longer confined to exclusively depicting the image of an American white man, but has allowed for new voices to share their experiences and perspectives as artists. However, while the people on the inside may be aware of the array of artists killing the game, the rest of the world needs to be filled in on who is out there. Which is why, as the leading tattoo media source, we decided to bring together 25 of the top tattoo artists from around the world to share their experiences in a brand new video series— INKED Talk. Take a look at the first episode in the gallery below and share your thoughts on how these artists broke into the tattoo industry.

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