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In 2018, it takes a lot for a tattoo to go viral. This is because there are millions upon millions of crazy, amazing and sometimes stupid tattoos out there. In the past year, many of the most viral tattoos include the matching pieces worn by Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, Post Malone's 'Always Tired' face tattoos and Jak Connolly's brilliant candle hand tattoos. However, last week another piece gained the attention of both Instagram and Reddit. But, instead of grabbing eyes for the artistry, it picked up attention because of an accidental burn. Take a look at what we're talking about in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts on the tattoo in the comments section on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 12.44.15 PM

Several days ago, the internet exploded after the photograph of a tattoo was published. However, the reason why it went viral is not what you think. Instead of the internet gushing over an incredibly good or a horrifically bad tattoo, they instead went into a fierce debate over a hand tattoo that had been burned. 

The tattoo below was burned and the first few layers of skin were singed to expose the dermis—which is the layer of skin that holds tattoo pigment. Users on Instagram and Twitter were quick to comment on the strange phenomenon, however, many of the best replies came from Reddit.


A photo of the tattoo was posted to the subreddit page r/mildlyinteresting, which has over 15.2 million subscribers. After being posted by a user 11 days ago, the post quickly accumulated over 18 thousand replies. Let's take a look at some of the funniest and most informative responses to the burnt tattoo seen around the world.


"Now you just have to get rid of the rest of that pesky skin and you will have a beautiful tattoo again!"

"How the hell does that work? Why is the underlying skin not damaged?"

"I believe tattoo ink is mainly in the dermis layer of the skin, if this happened quick enough the top layer epidermis was just burned off."

"If something hot enough touches your skin it will just burn the very top layer of your skin, which can then be removed and it will look like you never got burned (unfortunately it only looks like you didn't get burned but it still feels like you did). Its kinda the same concept as searing a steak. Source: am line cook, and have touched many things that I regret touching."

"Is it weird that I want to peel the rest of the skin off?"

"That's super cool. But for actually healing a burn, I recommend hydrogel bandaids. They're what my brother in law recommended for when I boiled something over onto my hand. It healed with no scar or problems. Edit to add more details because sheesh y'all responded: my BIL is an EMT and suggested these after I burned my hand an unknown amount (research lab accidents suck), and the advantage is it keeps the wound covered, damp, and has some pain relief something built in. Great for use on the area between your thumb and pointer fingers..."


What do you think about our favorite responses to this viral tattoo photo? Have you seen anything like this before? Let us know your thoughts, opinions and questions on this tattoo in the comments section on Facebook.