The Netherlands is regarded as one of the most liberal and sex-positive countries in the world—largely thanks to their capital city Amsterdam. In the Netherlands, prostitution is legal and regulated—with the United Nations predicting in 2016 that there are approximately 25,000 working in the country.  Of the 25,000 prostitutes, the majority of them work in windows and sex clubs throughout the Netherland's major cities. In addition to being the sex capital of the world, Amsterdam is also the most liberal city in terms of cannabis legalization. While cannabis is technically illegal in the Netherlands, it is decriminalized for personal use and Amsterdam's coffee shops are one of the major tourist attractions of the city.

Unlike in countries like the United States, the Netherlands is very laid back when it comes to sex and weed—therefore things like public nudity aren't as taboo. In fact, just this weekend, a group of soccer fans decided to play a practical joke on their favorite team by hiring a stripper to run nude throughout the field. Take a look at the photo gallery below to witness one of the sexiest moments in sports and let us know your thoughts on this controversial stunt in the comments section on Facebook. 


The Rijnsburgse Boys is a third-tier soccer club in the Netherlands. They played a match against Amsterdamsche FC this Saturday on their home turf, losing the match 2 to 6. However, despite losing the game, the football club did win big in the international media headlines.


Hardcore fans of the Rijnsburgse Boys decided to play a practical joke on the Amsterdam team, by hiring a heavily tattooed stripper to streak across the field. And yes, she was almost entirely nude.


The stripper's name is Foxy and she ran across the field wearing nothing but a splash of body paint and a pair of black knee high socks. During the game, Foxy broke onto the field with a flag of the home team and exchanged banter with the players on the field before escaping through a gap in the fence. 


To make matters worse, or better depending on your point of view, the soccer fans hired the stripper on a brisk day in the middle of November. "You want it to be a warm day if you run onto a football pitch. I needed a hot drink afterwards," Foxy told The Sun. "After my streak I went on to my next job. I normally do strip shows, but this was a welcome change. I could certainly do it again."

Foxy goes under the name Striptease Foxy and works as an adult entertainer for private shows throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. She offers her services for hire at a variety of events and can dress up as a school girl, law enforcement officer, Moulin Rouge dancer, nurse, cowgirl or Marine officer.


What do you think about this provocative sport's stunt? Are you impressed by her streaking abilities? Would you strip down to your birthday suit for your favorite sport's team? Share your thoughts and opinions on these topics in the comments section on Facebook.