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I want to preface this argument by saying that I consider myself to be an extremely tolerant and open minded individual when it comes to dating preferences. I've dated men, women and people who identify outside the conventional gender binary. I've dated people that are slightly overweight and underweight. I've dated people who are short and tall. I've dated people of different races and religions. I've dated people younger than me and ten years older than me. I've dated men with long flowing hair and no hair at all. I've dated people with law degrees and people who didn't go to college. I've dated people who six figure incomes and people who get by paycheck to paycheck. I've dated water signs, air signs, fire signs, and earth signs. I've dated vegans and I've dated butchers. And of course, I've dated people who collect tattoos and those without a stitch of ink on their bodies. 

I'm not someone who has a traditional type and I love getting to know people who have varying interests and backgrounds from my own. However, there are a few deal breakers I won't compromise on. And while most of these deal breakers have to do with a person's character, there is one physical boundary I never plan to explore. And that boundary happens to be mustache tattoos.


No, I'm not talking about those trendy finger mustaches that plagued the internet in 2012. I'm talking about tattoos that are placed where facial hair typically grows. I don't know what it is about tattoos in this location, but it honestly fills me up with boiling rage. And while I could go on and on about by disdain for these tattoos, I was curious if other women felt the same way. Am I in the minority of women who find mustache tattoos totally undateable? Or am I standing in solidarity with women who hate them just as much as I do. Well, I decided to hit the streets and find out what real women really think about these controversial tattoos. Take a look at the gallery below to hear what they said and let me know what YOU think about these questionable tattoos.


"That's a hell no from me."—Rebecca H., 30

"I wonder what his mother thinks of that."—Janice F., 39


"Why would someone do that to their face?"—Amy L., 23

"As long as they have a steady job, I'm fine with it."—Katie P., 28


"That's a hard pass, yo."—Joice W., 25

"Did he think about how this is going to look when he's 70?"—Emily A., 41


"That looks ridiculous!"—Ashley M., 42

"Is that permanent?"—Maria L., 19


"My vagina is dryer than the Sahara Desert looking at that."—Teresa S., 36

"I would never date someone who had that."—Sarah B., 23


What do you think about mustache tattoos? Do you say yay or nay to this questionable tattoo location. Let us know your thoughts, opinions and questions in the comments section on Facebook.