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While there are many cases of people fainting from the tattoo process, it is extremely rare for someone to pass away during or shortly after a tattoo. However, this was the case for a 22-year-old woman from Manchester, England. Take a look at her shocking and tragic story in the gallery below.


Meet Sophie Allen, a 22-year-old former Tesco worker from Rochdale, England. Several months ago, she went in for a tattoo appointment and died a few hours after the tattoo was complete.


Part way through the tattoo process, Allen began feeling unwell but she insisted that the artist finish the piece. She then returned home and went to have a glass of water. She told her boyfriend that her chest felt tight and she soon collapsed onto the floor.


Allen's boyfriend quickly called an ambulance after trying to communicate with his girlfriend but getting no response. When the ambulance arrived, EMTs gave her CPR and she was soon taken to Fairfield Hospital.


Doctors attempted to resuscitate Allen, however she passed away in the hospital that night. According to Dr. Andrew Drummond, a consultant in anesthesia and critical care, there is no reason to believe that the tattoo gave her an infection.

"Typically, if it was a reaction from the tattoo, it would have happened in the tattoo parlor. I don't know what the time gap was, but I would've expected it to happen immediately."


After passing away, coroners were able to determine that Allen died from coronary artery thrombosis due to an existing heart condition.

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