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Over the past several months, we've dedicated our YouTube channel to creating videos that feature some of the best and brightest tattooers from around the world. In past videos, we've featured industry heavy hitters such as Paul Booth, BJ Betts, Joe Capobianco, Jime Litwalk, Megan Massacre and many more. However, it's time we discussed other tattoo artists creating amazing and informative content on YouTube. Meet 5 tattoo artists making moves on YouTube in the gallery below and let us know what you think about our tattoo artist YouTube series in the comments section on Facebook.

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Romeo Lacoste

Subscriber Count: 940K

Most Popular Video: Tattoo Roulette (Tattoo Game Show) ft. JC Caylen

Romeo Lacoste is currently the most popular tattoo artist on YouTube, best known for collaborating with some of the biggest internet stars in history. On his channel, he gives tattoo advice and plays a number of tattoo related games—including tattoo roulette.

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Anrijs Straume

Subscriber Count: 53K

Most Popular Video: Best Tattoo Aftercare Step by Step in 8 Days

Anrijs Straume is a tattoo artist and content creator from the United Kingdom. He creates videos specifically geared to tattooers—whether it be about machines, organizing your portfolio or healing tattoos. He's also the spouse of fellow YouTuber and tattoo collector, Monami Frost.

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Electric Linda

Subscriber Count: 24K

Most Popular Video: Top 20 Worst Clients in a Tattoo Shop

Electric Linda is a tattooer from Norway and a top tattoo creator on YouTube. She's known for creating advice and educational videos for tattoo clients.

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Lil B Tattoo

Subscriber Count: 196K

Most Popular Video: Tattoo Timelapse-Full Sleeve

Lil B is a tattoo artist who specializes in videos teaching other artists how to tattoo, timelapses of his black-and-grey pieces and has even made vlogs of his daily life.

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Holly Astral

Subscriber Count: 41K

Most Popular Video: Looking Through My Old Tattoo Apprenticeship Sketchbook

Holly Astral is a tattoo artist and content creator from the United Kingdom. She creates tattoo advice videos for clients and allows audiences an inside look at her sketchbooks.