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Over the years, fine-line black-and-grey has become one of the most popular styles in the tattoo industry. Turning away from bold outlines and heavy saturated black, this subtle yet impressive style has gained traction amongst both tattoo novices and seasoned collectors. 

Perhaps the most well-known shop to specialize in fine-line tattooing is Bang Bang NYC, established by tattooer to the stars Keith 'Bang Bang' McCurdy. McCurdy has accelerated the careers of many of the world's top tattooers—including Swedish superstar Oscar Akermo, who's inked the likes of T.J. Dillashaw.

However, not all of the industries finest fine-line artists are based in the big apple. For example, Inal Bersekov hails from Belgium and frequently pays visits to the 6 to tattoo none other than Drake himself. 

Whether you're in the states or traveling abroad, there are talented tattooers who specialize in fine-line tattooing. Take a look at the gallery below to see 75 of our favorite tattoos from eight of the most talented fine-line artists in the game. Then, let us know which artist caught your eye in the comments section on Facebook.