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Over the past year or two, upcoming or "freshman class" rappers have gained a reputation for collecting face tattoos. And we're not talking about the subtle and small inkings seen on stars like Justin Bieber. On the contrary, we're referring to large and in charge face tattoos that leave both mainstream society and the tattoo industry scratching our heads. 

And just yesterday, the king of questionable face tattoos himself added yet another piece to his growing collection. Take a look at 6ix9ine's brand new ink below and let us know what you think about the tattoo in the comments section on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 10.13.36 AM

If you're not already familiar with this colorful individual, this is Tekashi 6ix9ine: one of the most viral and controversial rappers to break the mainstream charts in 2018. He's best known for his recent collaboration with Nikki Minaj, an extremely public rap sheet and of course, his questionable choice of tattoos. 

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During a podcast with Adam22 of No Jumper, 6ix9ine revealed that he had over 200 '69' tattoos on his body. His reasoning for getting this number in particular tattooed all over his body is meant to be metaphoric, however, it's not in his brand for 6ix9ine to be a profound philosopher.

"The true meaning of 69 is just because you’re right doesn’t mean I’m wrong YOU JUST HAVEN'T SEEN LIFE FROM MY PERSPECTIVE. Turn the 6 upside down it’s 9 but remains the same in a different perspective. Open your mind and heart.”

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Recently, 6ix9ine squeezed yet another tattoo into his already overflowing collection of facial ink—but, this time he decided to get a word instead of his usual numerology. 6ix9ine enlisted the services of Orange County artist Herchell L Carrasco for a tattoo that pays homage to his hometown of Brooklyn, New York.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 9.28.45 AM

6ix9ine filled in a small gap between his large 69 tattoo and his hairline, opting for classic script with a black-and-grey shaded background. And while it's definitely clear that the controversial rapper is quickly running out of room, he still has some real estate to work with on his face.

What do you think about 6ix9ine's brand new tattoo? Are you sick of hearing about this guy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section on Facebook.