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You may recognize Arlo DiCristina from his stunning tattoo portfolio, but what do you really know about the talented tattoo artist? Well, it's time we let Arlo himself tell you a few fascinating facts about himself. Take a look at 10 facts about Arlo DiCristina and if you want more, check out his cover and eight page spread alongside girlfriend Ryan Ashley in the January 2019 issue—ON STANDS NOW!

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Arlo would like to be buried under a fruit tree after death, so that the particles of his decomposing body can return to the cycle of life by becoming part of the tree, then part of the fruit. Or, in a spore suit which would detoxify his decomposing body which would allow his body to enter the cycle of life. 

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Prior to tattooing, Arlo was a pro MMA fighter, and has been wrestling and boxing since he was in 5th grade, continuing until he was 21. Along with this he also pole vaulted for fun in high school.

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In high school, Arlo once broke into the rival school along with a few friends to steal the state hockey championship trophy back after a questionable victory. 

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Arlo’s father is a criminal justice professor for the University of North Dakota.
Arlo is a drug advocate and feels we should decriminalize them and educate people on them instead of condemning certain ones while socially accepting others. 

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Arlo absolutely cannot stand war! The thought of wasting resources fighting over resources that could be used to configure a way to utilize those resources to their full potential. Thus driving society to unlock more of the mysteries of our reality and exploring the cosmos.

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Arlo really loves raves and music festivals. 

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Arlo spent a lot of time while growing up on his grandparents farm in southern MN, and at his other grandparents on a lake in the middle of the woods on an Indian reservation in northern Wisconsin.

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Arlo’s favorite music artists are Modest Mouse, Third Eye Blind, and Blink-182. 

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Arlo was born in Albany, then moved to Vienna and then Carrollton with his family, but lived in grand forks North Dakota for a majority of his life. 

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Arlo's biggest hero alive that he knows of in life is Elon Musk, who he feels is almost single-handedly pushing the human species in a positive Progressive direction.

What do you think about these 10 fascinating facts? Want to learn even more about Arlo DiCristina! Check out his full interview alongside Ryan Ashley in the new issue of INKED—ON STANDS NOW!