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Laser tattoo removal is the most effective method of getting rid of a tattoo, but it of course comes at a price. Ask anyone who has had a tattoo removed and they'll admit that the process was painful. However, should the pain prevent people from removing a tattoo? Let's investigate the pain of tattoo removal and finally get to the bottom of this topic.

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Laser removal is the process of targeting tattoo in the skin with light beams that fragment the pigment between the epidermis layer and subcutaneous tissues. Once the pigment is fragmented, the body then absorbs and removes the pigment from the skin. 


Laser removal often requires multiple sessions that span over several months to several years, as it takes a long time for the body to react to the laser and fully absorb the pigments present. 


And now that we've covered the mechanics of the removal process, you're probably wondering how much laser tattoo removal hurts and if it's worth going through the pain. 


Unfortunately, laser tattoo removal is a painful process, however, this should not discourage people from going through it. Many describe the sensation of laser removal like having a rubber band repeatedly snapped onto the skin or scratching a severe sunburn.


But, unlike tattooing, the process of laser removal is extremely quick—with most sessions lasting between 30 seconds to a few minutes. This pales in comparison to the tattoo process, which can last for hours on end. 


How would you describe the feeling of having a tattoo removed? Do you think that the process of laser removal hurts more or less than that of a tattoo? Share your thoughts in the comments section on Facebook.