Celebrities are known for making questionable tattoo choices and many of them have righted their wrongs by investing in a coverup. For example, The Rock revamped an old tattoo by visiting tattoo icon Nikko Hurtado and Zayn Malik has inked over a number of his previously botched tattoos. And just yesterday, fans noticed that singer songwriter Jhené Aiko was out on the town with a brand new piece covering an existing portrait of beau Big Sean. Take a look at her fresh ink and why Aiko decided to cover Sean's face in the gallery below, then let us know what you think of her new work in the comments section on Facebook. 

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Jhené Aiko is an American singer songwriter who has produced hits such as "3:16AM" and "Bed Peace."

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Since 2016, Aiko has been in a public relationship with rapper Big Sean and despite cheating allegations as well as a rumored split, the couple has maintain one of the most solid relationships in Hollywood.


In October of 2017, Aiko proved her love for beau Big Sean by getting his portrait tattooed on the back of her arm by Los Angeles artist, Miryam Lumpini. Fans and yours truly we're stunned by her decision get the tattooed, hoping for the best considering the circumstances at hand. Because, let's face it, a portrait of your boyfriend's face is never a good idea—especially if they have a history of cheating (ahem Naya Rivera and Ariana Grande).


However, it appears that Aiko has revamped her tattoo and gone in an entirely new direction. Aiko was recently spotted flaunting a coverup of her portrait tattoo and fans were quick to question her decision. Aiko was quick to remind her following that she's been covering up a number of old tattoos over the past year, including a Buddha and Bible verse on her back.

"Don't let this distract you from the fact that i also covered my buddha and Bible verse... but still love and respect Buddha AND Jesus lol. have a good day, kids," Aiko wrote.

At 2:33am on November 15th, Aiko tweeted out "i covered ALL my tats w/ a big ass Dragon w/ a Phoenix wing breathing life and light into a new galaxy. NEW ART! NO BEEF! ALL LOVE!"

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The artist behind Aiko's new work is none other than Lumpini, who initially inked Sean's portrait back in 2017. Lumpini covered up the piece with a stunning color galaxy scene and she's currently in the process of creating a phoenix design on Aiko's back. However, fans will have to stay tuned until either Aiko or Lumpini reveal the finished product on social media.

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What do you think of Aiko's brand new tattoo? Do you think her covering Sean's face is a sign that their relationship is on the rocks? Do you believe that people should get tattoos of the names or faces of significant others? Share all your thoughts, opinions and questions in the comments section on Facebook. We want to hear from you!