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When the title of a news article begins with "Florida Man," we always know we're in for something strange, disturbing and hilarious. Sorry Floridians, but there are some crazy people living in the Sunshine state. The latest Florida Man to watch our attention goes by The Miami Joker and is a 30-year-old tattoo model from Kendall. Take a look at his infamous mug and impressive collection of face tattoos in the gallery below, then let us know what you think of his ink in the comments section on Facebook.


The mug shot of a man named Lawrence Patrick Sullivan has recently gained attention on social media, with the media referring to him at "the Miami Joker."


Sullivan is a 30-year-old self-proclaimed tattoo model from Kendall, Florida who has earned an impressive rap sheet over the past several years. 


Back in May of 2017, Sullivan was arrested for pointing a gun at passing vehicles. At the time, he was in possession of a loaded firearm, however he didn't have the proper permits to carry a weapon, stating to the police that it's "too expensive."


Sullivan is currently back in the press after violating his probation and is currently sitting pretty in the Pinellas County jail as of Tuesday night.


Sullivan rocks a number of questionable and controversial tattoos, including realistic Joker makeup, stitches on his cheeks and a "Fuck Bat" Batman logo with a knife going through it. The sheriff's department also has several other tattoos of his on record, including brass knuckles, a 666, a grim reaper, a sword, a skull and a devil. 


What do you think about this colorful character? Should he kick Jared Leto to the curb and take on the role of The Joker in the next DC film? Let us know your thoughts on his face tattoos and more in the comments section on Facebook.