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Badly translated tattoos are unfortunately common in the tattoo industry, however, in most cases a poorly translated tattoo is an accent. However, this was not the case for an artist from Thailand who intentionally tattooed offensive or silly phrases onto unsuspecting tourists.

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Unfortunately for the clients who visited this tattooer in Thailand, they walked away with tattoos that did not translate to what they consented to. For example, several clients have been inked with the phrase "chan chorp hee le hee chorp chan," which roughly translates to "I love cock and cock loves me."

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A few other clients walked away with tattoos that would better describe items on a restaurant menu—such as "fresh spring rolls" and "chicken rice."

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These photographs first went viral on Facebook, with one man from Thailand sharing the tattoos and writing "We feel sorry for you… haven't you got a clue?"

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On social media, there has been plenty of debate over who's in the wrong in this situation. Many have argued that the tattoo artist is cruel and going against the ethics of the industry. Whereas others criticize the clients for not doing the proper research or getting a tattoo in a language that can't read in the first place. 

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What do you think of this tattoo translation fiasco? What would you do if a tattooer misspelled or poorly translated your tattoo on purpose? Share your thoughts in the comments section on Facebook.