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As an artist, cancelation from a client is unfortunately a regular part of the job. And when it comes to tattoo etiquette, it is imperative that the client notifies the artist as soon as possible, so that they can fill your slot and get paid for the day. However, sometimes things come up the day of the appointment and many tattooers value honesty from their clients. But, one artist got way more than he bargained for when a client canceled his appointment hours before he was supposed to show up at the shop. And his explanation is certainly something that this tattooer will remember for the rest of their career. Take a look at the gallery below to learn the SHOCKING reason a client canceled their tattoo appointment and let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section on Facebook.

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Josh Hancox is a 27-year-old tattoo artist from Bedworth, England who was stunned by a strange and x-rated text message from one of his clients. Hancox has worked in the industry for 10 years and this is by far the weirdest reason he's received for a client canceling their tattoo appointment.


On the day of the appointment, Hancox was messaged on Facebook by his client, who told him that he was not able to make it in to the appointment that day. However, unlike most clients who cancel their appointments, his reasoning was anything but typical.


The client explained that he couldn't come to his tattoo appointment because he had "3 prostitutes at mine for the day and I've just had half ounce of gear dropped off." The client then proceeded to invite the artist to join in on the x-rated fun.


Hancox was interviewed by UK's The Mirror about the incident and told the site "He was meant to be in the chair from 10am til 5pm, which is a normal day sitting for me. I charge £350 for it." 

"When I first saw it I was lying in bed half asleep, looked at my phone and then fell back asleep. Then I woke straight back up, like, 'have I really just read that properly?" Hancox explained


What do you think about this insane tattoo cancelation story? If you're a tattoo artist, what's your craziest client story? And if you haven't seen our viral video yet, take a look at 25 artists sharing their craziest client stories in the video below.

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