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Over the years, plenty of new and exciting tattoo trends have popped up over the years that have thrown the industry a curve ball. One of these tattoo phenomenons is ultra violet tattoos and believe is, these tattoos aren't an artistic illusion. That's right, you can actually get tattoos that glow under black light! Take a look at one of the pioneers of ultra violet tattooing below.

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While there are plenty of tattooers from around the world who have created tattoos using ultra violet ink, only a select few artists specialize in creating glow-in-the-dark tattoos.

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One of these tattooers is Tukoi Oya, who works out of a studio in Melbourne, Australia.

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Her work has been celebrated on a number of sites and she was featured in a viral social media video by HYGO.

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Many artists argue that tattooing with UV ink takes longer than a tattoo with traditional ink pigments, because the UV ink doesn't blend and an artist will need to check their work under a black light throughout the process.

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However, there is no evidence currently available that says that ultra violet tattoos are dangerous, so if you're interested in getting one, we say "why not?"

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Not every tattooer out there will be trained and equipped with the materials necessary to create an ultra violet tattoo, so it is important to pursue an artist with experience in this area.

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But, if you happen to be located near Melbourne, why not put out an inquiry to Tukoi herself?

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What do you think about Tukoi's tattoo and ultra violet ink as a whole? Would you get an ultra violet tattoo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section on Facebook. 

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