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For decades, artists and tattoo clients have gone back and forth about couple tattoos. Some argue that there's no harm in tattooing matching ink for a pair of love birds. Whereas others refuse to do it, unless it's for a blood relative or someone deceased. However, here at INKED we believe that there is a definitive right and wrong way to get matching tattoos as a couple. Take a look below to see our advice for preventing tattoo regret and let us know if you have a couple tattoo in the comments section on Facebook.


Heres what we have to say: couple tattoos are okay, just as long as the designs can exist independently from each other. Therefore, we don't recommend getting tattoos that form a whole image when they're put together. For example, two halves a mandala isn't ideal because you'll always be reminded of the person who has the other half.


Of course, you can get tattoos that go together or match, for instance the Tinker Bell and Peter Pan you see above. But, if this couple were to split, they still have independent whole tattoos that don't scream to the world "THIS IS A COUPLE TATTOO."


We also recommend getting identical tattoos, because at the end of the day, there's no way to tell that they're two of a kind unless you're both in the same room.


Couple tattoos that include names, portraits, initials and dates are extremely risky because they will always be a reminder of that relationship. Whereas a neutral design is much more covert. 


Of course any couple can go in whatever artistic direction they please and you'll meet many people who have couple tattoos that will never regret the design after the relationship has come to an end.


But for those people who are on the fence and don't want to go through the burden of tattoo regret, let this be a lesson to you that you can take to your next tattoo appointment.


What do you think about our opinion on couple tattoos? Do you have a couple tattoo? Do you love or regret this tattoo? Let us know your thoughts and experiences with this topic in the comments section on Facebook.