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While the practice of tattooing may date back centuries, most shops have only been open for the last several decades. This is largely due to the laws and regulations that have affected tattooing throughout the years—causing most of the earliest shops to shut their doors. However, there are a handful of tattoo shops that stayed open despite the prohibition and it's time you learned more about them today. Take a peek at 11 of the oldest and most historic tattoo shops in the world, then let us know what you think about this snippet of tattoo history in the comments section on Facebook.


Tattoo Lou's

Long Island, NY

Est. 1964

Lou Rubino and his son currently run one of the most successful tattoo empires in the world, which not only includes a handful of shops but an ink company as well.

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Outer Limits Tattoo

Long Beach, CA

Est. 1927

This shop is best known for being the resident shop of legendary tattooer Bert Grimm, who turned the parlor into Bert Grimm's World Famous Tattoo during the 1950s. 

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Fun City Tattoo

New York, NY

Est. 1976

Despite the tattoo prohibition that wasn't lifted until 1997, Fun City remained in operation for over two decades under ground. 


Razzouk Tattoo

Jerusalem, IL

Est. 1700s

Regarded as the oldest tattoo shop in the world, this business has been passed down through family members for over three centuries. 


Fineline Tattoo

New York, NY

Est. 1976

Like Fun City Tattoo, Fineline opened up in NYC during the age of prohibition and stayed open despite the laws of the time. 


Tattoo Ole

Copenhagen, DE

Est. 1884

Over 130 years ago, Tattoo Ole was established in Copenhagen and was once a hot spot for drunken sailors.


Jimmy's Custom Tattoo

Athens, GR

Est. 1970s

Jimmy Mamatsis established his shop in Athens after developing a passion for tattooing in Bombay throughout the 50s and 60s.


Aart Accent Tattoo

New Orleans, LA

Est. 1976

Jacci Gresham is the owner of Aart Accent tattoo and was the first black female tattoo artist in the country. 


Johnny Two Thumbs Tattoo


Est. 1950s

Originally called New Lucky, this shop was established by Indra Bahadur who gained the nickname Johnny Two Thumbs because of his unusual birth defect.


Caio Tattoo

Rio de Janeiro, BR

Est. 1970s

Brazil's first tattoo shop was originally a hot spot for sailors and misfits, however, today it services clients across all occupations and ages.


Les Skuse Tattoo Studio

Bristol, GB

Est. 1920s

One of Britain's first shops was passed down through three generations and now showcases over 80 years of tattoo memorabilia.