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20 Over-the-Top Under Boob Tattoos!

Eyes down here mister!

Sure, there are leg guys and butt guys, but it appears that the overwhelming majority of men had their first “fetish’ be for the female boob. Okay, okay, I know all you armchair psychiatrists have immediately jumped to the breast-feeding theory…and you may very well be correct in that assumption. However, all we know is that the female boob, is one of nature’s beauties and add to that some amazing ink and we’re talking a living, breathing, walking, talking piece of art!
When done correctly the under-boob tattoo works with the flow of the female form — working with the shape of the breasts so as not to detract from their beauty, but only enhance it.
We have put together a gallery pf 20 exquisite under-ta-ta-tattoos for you to enjoy!


 Photo via pinterest