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While Halloween only comes one day a year, many people prefer to celebrate all year long. Whether it be through decorated their homes through spooky decor or watching cult classic films such as Hocus Pocus, Halloween and Donnie Darko. However, for some, they take their dedication to the night of fright to the next level by committing to a permanent tattoo in honor of all hallows eve. Or at the very least, they pay homage to the spooky symbolism that surrounds the holiday.

There are a number of symbols and imagery associated with Halloween for tattoo collectors to choose from, but perhaps the most classic and apropos than a Jack-O'-Lantern. Jack-O'-Lanterns first came into use for Halloween during the 19th century in Ireland and parts of the Scottish Highlands. Many people at the time believed that the souls of the dead were free to roam the earth on Halloween and carved pumpkins were used to ward off evil spirits. 


Another popular symbol of Halloween is a witch, often depicted on a broomstick. The etymology of a witch with a broomstick first came during the Middle Ages, during a time of immense famine and disease. Many women brewed medicinal concoctions, whereas, some created recreational brews that caused psychoactive symptoms. The most effective place to put the ointment during this time was the genitals, which is where the broomstick comes into play. These women would use the handle of a broom to put the potion inside their vaginas, which led to the myth of witches riding brooms.


And while we could go on and on with symbolism and their etymology, you're probably waiting to see the Halloween hotties. Take a look at the gallery below at tattoo models with some seriously spooky ink and let us know what you think about their collections in the comments section on Facebook.