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A true example of perseverance, and a can do attitude, Brandy Blackburn was the model who placed tenth overall (out of thousands of competing models) in the 2018 Inked Cover Girl competition. 

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Ms. Blackburn enjoys giving and helping out with the foster youth and is passionate about helping the system produce more successful stories. Brandy views conflict and loss and the universe making room for opportunities, and would advise her younger self to trust herself and to keep moving forward no matter how hard it gets, or what anyone says. 

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Brandy is elated to have placed so well in the competition, and to have her eccentric artwork featured on A quote from her personal bio says it all about Brandy Blackburn; “​grew up in a life where I wasn't designed to win. I didn't have the structure or love of parents.

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Being born addicted to drugs and the mental issues that arose from family mistakes, I wasn't set up for an easy life. I told myself at an early age that failure wasn't an option, and worked hard to build myself to where I am now. Despite people constantly leaving my life, the bullying, the criticism. I persevered and here I am now, being featured on”.