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Cassie Curses Has All The Right Curves

Her Body is a Wonderland of Shapes and Ink

"Most of the time I try to be sweet… but I’m as brutal as it gets." —Cassie Curses

You know that a model brings her photos to the edge when she has a back-up Instagram account, you know just in case they shut her down for being too risque for the tastes of social media. Cassie Curses is the girl we are crushing on this moment (through both accounts). So many models both in the tattoo and the mainstream world are waifs, and while we appreciate all shapes there is just something about a soft, supple feminine body that excites us to our absolute core.

Cassie Curses has large breasts, big hips and supple lips—the formula to entice any person who enjoys an eyeful of beauty. What tops it all off is her sweet ink and honest talk. For instance, like every model on the internet she has her haters (who call out her curves) but she curves them, "I literally get called fat every single day online. Oh well I think I like being fat."

And she Shares titillating dialogue from masters like Charles Bukowski: “She was perfect, pure maddening sex, and she knew it, and she played on it, dripped it, and allowed you to suffer for it.”

She even quotes Die Antwoord while writhing on video.

So, so fine, you blow my mind
Look at you, coochie coo
Juicy, tushy, gushy, goo

Cassie Curses