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Christy Mack in "Mad Mack"

Our society has crumbled into a dystopian dustbowl, yet there's Christy Mack, still standing. As we start our brave new world is the new Eve—though she is in control of the serpents and temptation.

Christy Mack is one of the most beautiful humans we’ve ever met. Along with being one of our generation’s most-desired sex symbols, those who have had the privilege of spending even a few minutes with her will notice that she exudes sweetness, kindness and compassion. Two years ago she shot with us for a cover feature (the resulting images inspired hundreds of tattoos) and between the photoshoot and the magazine being on newsstands for just a week, her being was devastated by an ex-boyfriend. We don’t need to rehash the horrific event, you are well aware of the details. We only mention it because nothing can dampen her shine and she has a message for others trapped in abusive circumstances. Her identity, her benevolence, her life and her world went through a catastrophic physical and emotional assault yet she is still standing and still stunning, dammit.

Across the following pages you will see Christy in all her glory and read about her road to finding her smile again—both physically and emotionally. But first, a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot: