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Feminine Side Pieces

Check out these bada$$ women!

Seriously Sexy Women

Side piece can mean a couple of different things. For this use, we aren't interested in your girl or guy on the side, we're only here for the tattoos. We're talking about some seriously sexy women with bad*ss tats. Some of these girls are rocking a small and dainty piece, while others are showing off huge pieces of art that take over half of their bodies. Either way, these women are jaw-dropping. You're going to want to look for yourself.

Check out these beautiful women, and their equally beautiful side tattoos. You won't be disappointed.

girl on bed with side piece tattoo

Source: instagram @desari00

Source: instagram @desari00

It's a Tie

What's sexier, her tattoo or her sideboob? I think it's a tie. We love the outline on this gorgeous, simple piece.

Vibrant Colors

This babe is all about the colors. Her side/back piece is vibrant and gorgeous.

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