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Future Sex

What will sex be like in the future? It's not far off to consider that future generations' first experiences won't be of the flash but of the machine. Consider how our tech world will shape our sexuality. We already have blow job machines and realistic love dolls but imagine having a lover with Artificial Intelligence (not just an air headed bimbo)?

Dating apps are current, but love machines are not too far off. Russian doll Julia Orlyanskaya models the relationship with a future for the lens of Vladimir Clownov.

It is with notion that lead us to consider what modern love will look like. Is it cold? Is it comforting? Is there sensuality once the skin is gone? Clownov's images strike a stunning look at love and sex when you really do choose your partner, but this time at whatever store opens after all the Radio Shacks finally go out of business. "What's your type 2.0?" The sex is robotic but the emotions are tactile.

Are you ready for a time in which the only safe word is the "Off" button? Click through for the intimate experience.