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Singing the praises of her beloved friends, family and community, Jenna Petrowsky finished twelth in the 2019 Inked Cover Girl Competition. 

Jenna Petrowsky 1
Jenna P. 2
Jenna P 27

A young, single mother who spent her twenties raising a family while getting a university degree, Jenna’s commitment to growth and a positive attitude allowed her to compete against thousands of other models, with no prior / professional experience, and place in the Top 12 competition-wide.

Jenna P 26
Jenna P 25
Jenna P 22

Her most significant piece of art is a beautiful blue heart and wings across her chest, which reads “Beautifully Broken.” To Jenna, this piece symbolizes empowerment and healing.

Jenna P 21
Jenna P 16

Jenna is particularly passionate about learning, and aspires to one day travel the world, and get a tattoo by her favorite artist, Paul Acker.

Jenna P 13
Jenna P 9
Jenna P 8
Jenna P 7

To her younger self, Jenna would say “be humble and kind, enjoy the ride, remember you are beautiful and most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF.”