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Jessicakes Exposes Her Cupcakes!

Way More Than A Mouthful!

Okay, for all you cupcake lovers out there, we are serving up one of the sweetest tasty tarts to ever turn up the heat in the kitchen, or bedroom…or the hallway, dining room, garage, well you get the picture.
Jessicakes is a gram sensation that, in addition to having a gorgeous face, twinkling eyes, a kick-ass body and gorgeous blonde hair, also possesses a pair of beautiful breasts. I know, enough with the alliterations time for some hardcore facts on the lovely lady we speak of. She is a professional model, she has her own clothing line which is appropriately called cakedwear — pick up one of her t-shirts that’s emblazoned with a HOT photo of Jessi and her memorable mammaries and proudly walk the streets with your held high and your chest puffed out…well, with Jessi’s chest…again, you get the picture. And speaking of pictures…

Photo via instagram

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 4.22.33 PM

What a Lovely Point of View!

Photo via instagram

Believe me it's worth it! There’s nothing like Mother Nature now, is there?

Getting Her Groove On!

Photo via instagram

A last dance for you and Jessi! Or just sit back, let the video roll and enjoy her moves!

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