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Lisa Marie is tattooed beauty who took seventh place overall in the 2018 Inked Cover Girl Competition. Enjoying the exposure and additional opportunities that competing has presented, her favorite take away from the experience is the overwhelming support her community had for her. 

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Sacrificing time and money (two things you don’t get back) to get to where she is today, Lisa would encourage her younger self to not waste time on experiences that don’t serve her future. “Invest in yourself - because loving yourself is a bigger task than loving others.”
Lisa’s “classy and badass” tattoos are deeply meaningful to her.


This is particularly true about the American Indian girl she has inked on her upper, right arm, indicating good and evil, and her back piece, which she started in 2009 after the loss of someone close to her heart. With artwork done by industry favorites including Sung Song, Mark Dupp, and Julian Zeff, Lisa’s personal favorite tattoo artist is the very talented and humble, Jeffrey Meyer @jeffreymeye_tct. 


A true philanthropist with a passion for education and health, Lisa is using the exposure she’s gained from placing in the Top 12 to make a difference in the world. “I’m obsessed with the process of growth and being of service.” Lisa says, “I do know that you give more to get more. So I’m going to keep on giving.”