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Lovely Singer Cyber Bullied For Transformation

"Fake tits, fake nose, fake lips, fake eyebrows, fake tan, fixed teeth, Botox."

When singer Cinzia Lucia Lanza posted photos of herself from 2005 to Facebook she got absolutely shredded by some cyber bullies. Granted she's changed her look throughout the last 11, now 12 years, but, sheesh, people are cruel. Nobody should ever be shamed of their appearance by anybody. We came across this post and as the tattoo community is one of the most progressive when it comes to altering our bodies we thought that Cinzia deserved soapbox in which to speak to not only her haters but all bullies and assholes. Also if you have been body-shamed for your piercings, tattoos or alterations her words of encouragement are for you.


In response to the haters on her post "Real Me" she wrote:
"Wow people are nasty.

Let's get this straight, this is my wedding video from 2005 11 years ago. Yes I've had my nose done and lost three stone [42 pounds]. No, I had not had lips done and, yes, had two boob jobs. I had my boobs done already on this video can't believe how jealous and bitter people are!

So share this please I'm not ashamed of growing up or losing weight or having my nose done!

Come on people all post a photo from 11 years ago let's see how you've all changed!"

Cinzia blossomed, for sure. But why? She wrote the following special to Inked:

"When I watched three very important people I loved take their last breath, I woke up one day and realized that life can be taken so easily from you at any point—and you have no say. I've always been shy, a little overweight and not happy with myself. I never really fitted in, and that's the day I thought, "No, I'm not gonna be like this anymore. I'm not afraid of anyone or anything or what you think—because nothing in the life is worse then losing someone you love."

Part of her body modification includes ink.


I have always loved tattoos and all mine have a certain meaning. The lyrics on my back, funeral songs, the wings on my neck mean freedom from a break up, and "KISS THIS" on my butt well that's for all you haters—all you bullies who judge people.

Yes I have numerous tattoos. Every time I've been unfortunate to have a life-changing event thrust into my path—of what I thought to be living a life of somewhat normality—an event that completely knocked me sideways would result in getting a meaningful tattoo. Now being a classical opera singer, tattoos don't 'sit right' with my 'angelic' voice, and of course I've been more than stared at disapprovingly until I open my mouth .... then the inner beauty appears .... beauty is really skin deep.

I have been a victim of bullying and cyber trolling on-and-off for a few years now and we can all fix our hair, wear make-up, get a tan, get braces, get enhancements, go to the gym and try to make yourself the best you can be on the outside. But beauty is not about that, it's not being a certain size or having perfect hair or designer things or any of that. You're just a shell. It is a mask. Do to your body do what you please.

Beauty is in your mind, your soul and your heart and that you can't buy or enhance that. Lucky for me, I am beautiful inside and no one ever can take that from me."

Bravo, Cinzia Lucia Lanza.

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