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That's a yes from me...

It wasn’t all that long ago when being a nerd was something that people felt ashamed about. But thanks to the mass popularity of nerd culture - a quick glance at the top 20 grossing films of all time might be a good place to start - people are now eagerly flaunting their nerdy side. Even women. Yep, you heard me. In this gallery you will find girls who are nerdy, dirty, inked and curvy. In other words, the perfect woman. Enjoy.

Game On!


Source: Instagram @s_g_g_p

Mortal Kombat anyone? Yes please, although we wouldn't want to get caught anywhere near this stunning woman! We'll just admire from afar how about that?

I Pick You


Source: Tumblr @lacerated-hylian-witch

Pikachu... I PICK YOU!! And yes, if we had the option to choose, we would definitely pick her. It took us to a while to notice she ditches the bra in the second picture, mostly because we were so mesmerized by her eyes!

A True Geek


Source: Instagram @s_g_g_p

This bathing suit is any nerd/geek girl's dream! Is it bad that we want to buy this bathing suit and play mario kart and super smash? Talk about a deep commitment with nintendo, getting that logo on her arm!

Subtly Stunning


Source: Tumblr @fearlessandfateful

Yes, we know you can't just slap on a pair of glasses and call yourself a nerd, however, like a few other girls in this gallery, we've seen racier photos of them showing their nerdy side that we aren't allowed to post. So here is an ode to her naughty nerd photos!

Rocket in my Pocket


Source: Tumblr @thatangstybitch

YES, we always see girls dress up as Misty or Dawn, but not many go as Jessie from Team Rocket. TBH, we were always a little attracted to her while growing up watching the show.

Blue Hair, Don't Care


Source: Instagram @s_g_g_p

Are we cheating if the girl's tattoos might not be permanent? Maybe, but are you really complaining about looking at a girl that commits herself to the cosplay... while having a rockin body and face to boot? Probably not.

Picture Perfect


Source: Tumblr @irenesilver

Yes. This is our ideal kind of day. Sitting in our underwear, playing video games, while thinking about the next tattoo we are gonna get. How awesome is that shirt though?

Sexy-Tinted Glasses


Source: Tumblr @trahvsty

Again, found this girl roaming on the nerdy tumblr side of life and we couldn't resist but add her to this gallery. If you have a problem with it, you need to set your priorities straight.

Bat Girl Batting Her Eyes


Source: Tumblr @geeksingarters

Three words: Millennium Falcon Tattoo. Combined with a love for batman? And a freaking hot girl at that? Can you dream of a better woman? WE DON'T THINK SO.



Source: Instagram @s_g_g_p

Aw you can never go wrong with a Lola Bunny cosplay!! You know that scene in Space Jam where Bugs meets her for the first time? That's how we are reacting to this picture right now.

All 4 This Four-Eyed Cutie


Source: Tumblr @myselftheater66

Alright, so this one might be a little more subtle, but we've seen her bouncing around on the Geeky Girls Tumblr page and had to include her. We are secret fans and definitely recommend you go check out her racier photos.

Cute As A Button


Source: Instagram @s_g_g_p

This picture just makes us smile! We love the matching purple, and her happy face is super infectious. We'll tell you right now, we wouldn't mind playing a few games with her if you know what we mean.

L.O.L.? More Like W.O.W.


Source: Instagram @s_g_g_p

We were hoping to see a Katarina cosplay in here! If you don't recognize her, she's from the popular game League of Legends. Check out that awesome face make up and stomach piece to boot!

Just Plain Cute


Source: Instagram @s_g_g_p

Last, but not least, we have this lady who's taking a well deserved selfie. We can't stop staring at all the work she's had done! Plus, look at her love of plush behind her. 

Part II

Getting a little more into character here. How sexy is this bat woman? We wish we could see all of the photos from this shoot. So many fantasies dancing in our heads right now.