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Octobooty Releases the Cracken!

Video of the girl with the octopus butt tattoo twerking on Wall Street and in the NYC Subway is below.

Daizha Morgann is cunning, beautiful, and mysterious, and although she’s about four limbs short of her cephalopod spirit animal, she embodies the mesmerizing grace and allure of the creature she keeps close to her heart and even closer to her ass.

“I’ve been infatuated with octopi since I was young and fell in love with Ursula from the The Little Mermaid,” confesses the lead performer and founder of Daizha made the internet do a double take last year when she unveiled what has become her claim to fame, an enormous and intricately detailed octopus tattoo protruding from her backside, with tentacles peeking up over the small of her back and stretching down her legs. “Since my butthole is my money maker, the placement just made sense to me. I wanted something that would accentuate my body shape, not cover it.” And accentuate it did: The adult film star and stag night entrepenuer already had an established fan base surrounding Anal Ring Toss, the adult party phenomenon that her business partner pioneered back in 2000. Always looking to up the ante, she rolled the dice and came out on top of the highly competitive Las Vegas bachelor party scene, more on this in a minute.

Placing such a bold design on such a delicate area, however, was no short order. Daizha enlisted the steady hand of tattooer Greg James, renowned for his large-scale bodysuits and traditional Japanese tattoo designs. The two hit it off immediately, as she explains, “I fell in love with his Zen-like energy and knew he was the only person that could do the job. He did one draft, scaled it to size, and I fell in love right away.”

Over the course of 10 sessions, roughly 35 hours under the needle, and as Daizha reminds us, “One session just to color in the hole again because it didn’t take the first time,” the deed was done, the one thing that she wasn’t prepared for, however, was the reaction from her fans. “I thought it would be a novelty for my bachelor parties. I never thought it would get the attention that it did. It took to social media like wildfire!”

All of the attention that Daizha garnered from her experience has transformed her into one of Vegas’s adult entertainment elite. Siegfried and Roy have white tigers, she has an ocotpus and “the most elaborate bachelor party Las Vegas has to offer,” she says. “We set up the room like a mini strip club. We spend the first part of the show focusing on the bachelor. Then of course there’s Anal Ring Toss, and the championship ‘Sudden Anal Death’ round where you win prizes like Porn DVDs and T-shirts. It’s more like a two girl sex show with front row seats. We finish it off with a hardcore bondage show, with a strap-on, butt plugs, a restraint bar and ball gag. I’d love to say more, but I wouldn’t want to give up any spoilers.”