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Sara Fabel, the Badass Finnish Tattoo Artist

From Elementary School Teacher to Tattoo Artist

Sara Fabel, born Sari Katriina Virtanen, is a Finnish model, illustrator, tattoo artist and actress. Fabel lived in Helsinki, Finland until her late teenage years, and studied to become an art educator. Sara minored in photography and digital media, and taught students in first through ninth grade before moving to Australia to pursue a career in tattooing.

Fabel began promoting her artwork and modeling through social network platforms, and by the end of 2010, she had developed a social fan base around these hobbies. After moving to United States in 2013, Fabel retired from modeling and starred in the movie Anarchy Parlor as one of the lead actresses. Since filming Anarchy Parlor, Sara has slowly retired from modeling, as well as acting, and is currently residing in Los Angeles to focus on her art and tattooing.

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