Tattooed Cutie Takes A Bath! A Dirty Girl Needs To Get Cleaned Up!


She's Slippery When Wet!

Meet Daniela, aka Daniella Mae, an English vixen that locals have deemed that quintessential bad girl…that looks so good! Poised in her bikini take a gander at her flawless figure as she vogues before slipping into her bath. Strutting her stuff, there’s not much left to the imagination except our curiosity about all of her ink!

This blue-eyed brunette stunner has just completed her right sleeve and is contemplating the theme for her left. If you have any ides, let us know and we will forward them on to her. She was thinking of extending the floral theme she has happening on her right thigh and back. We’re sure whatever she decides will be killer…especially on that body.

She has more than just body art that makes up her naughty façade. Daniela also sports a nipple piercing, but you’ll have to get really intimate with her to find out which of those perfect boobs is pierced.



Photo via DDF