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The Duality of Woman

Who has more fun: The submissive or the dominant? Taylor White tries both sides of the rack.


Who has more fun: blondes or brunettes?

We all have the option to have fun. I know brunettes have fun for sure.

What is your favorite tattoo?

My favorite tattoo is the one on my left shoulder. It is a blue feather with my cousin’s name behind it. I got it while grieving—feathers are for healing in my Squaxin Island Tribe culture.

What is your least favorite tattoo?

I don't have any tattoos that I don't like. I just have unfinished tattoos…like my back piece.

Where is the hottest part of the body for a man to have a tattoo?

I’d prefer his whole body covered.

What part of a man’s body would be a turn-off to be tattooed?

When it comes to tattoos, having them is never a turnoff!

What’s your favorite type of music?

I really enjoy listening to the “golden oldies.” I’m talking Ritchie Valens, Otis Redding, Dion. It is the happiest way I start my day.

What kind of music do you hate?

I’m not a fan of country music.

What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

I'd have to say I'm a bit kinky. I do have some restraints and a whip at home…so things definitely get spicy.

What is something that a lover has done that you thought was a turnoff?

If my lover can’t be playful and role play with me it's definitely a turn off. That makes things kind of boring and that’s definitely a sign for them to kick rocks.

If you had another tattoo what and where would it be?

I really want to get my tribe’s symbol, it’s an orca whale. I'd definitely get it on my stomach under my thunderbird. There is a old story about the thunderbird and the orca.

If you had no tattoos would you feel like yourself?

If I had absolutely no tattoos I wouldn’t be who I am today. They tell my stories and provide me therapy. My first tattoos were the ones on my arms. I woke up one day feeling really numb. Depressed. I didn't know how to get myself to feel again. Something clicked in my head and I called Laughing Buddha in Seattle and they ended up having one artist open. His name was Cody Brigan, he helped place my first tattoo and it started there. I’m sure that without tattoos I’d be very unhappy.

Celebrity crushes?

Mila Kunis and Don Benjamin.

Are you a cat or dog person?

I’ve always had dogs, but last year I bought a hairless cat… she acts like a dog so I think I’m still a dog lover.

Tupac or Biggie?

Ugh. It is such a hard choice. I love the honesty and power behind Pac. But Biggie has my heart and I appreciated his flow.

You can only do one the rest of your life: smoke or drink?

Smoke what? If we’re talking greens, then most definitely smoking. I work in the marijuana industry and am ever so fond of the plant. It is the best medicine. Drinking makes me a little angry and I’m too happy of a lady to be drinking.

Only one of you can have tattoos: you or your partner?

If only one person could have tattoos it would have to be me. Hands down. It has made me who I am and allowed me to express things in the most amazing way.

You are going to want to see the rest of the shoot.