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“This Is What Pregnancy Does to Your Stomach Tattoos”

Before, during and after the birth!

We would like you to me a beautiful model we only know as @lady_tattoo_cat. She is a self-proclaimed ink model, stripper, mistress and mother of three beautiful kidz. Her face has adorned everything from ad campaigns to the paint jobs on race cars. She has an incredible body that is covered with equally amazing ink.

Recently she has gone to her Instagram page and posted pictures while she was carrying her third child. It is in this series that you can clearly see that the tattoos on her stomach are stretched from the large “baby bump”.

Critics of tattoo culture love to site the examples of what tattoos will look like as the collector ages, losses or gains weight, or after pregnancy.

See what happened to @lady_tatto0_cat’s after she gave birth to her third child.

See what happened to her ink after she gave birth to her third child.

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Photo via Roder