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100+ Side Boob Tattoo Ideas

The side boob tattoo has certainly stormed Instagram. But we aren't complaining.

Rita Ora's popular side boob tattoo has helped pave the way for more appreciation towards side-boob art. Side boob tattoos—while bigger pieces do reach the ribs—are a completely different game than rib tattoos. The placement of the side boob tattoo allows for a curvature that can perfectly compliment your cups. 

While there are an infinite amount of incredible pieces you can tattoo on the middle of your chest or the sternum, many women opt for the side boob, for a more delicate design. 

Side boob tattoos are elegant and beautiful, but can also be hugely badass. The placement of the side boob tattoo is also the perfect spot for hidden ink.

From delicate foxes and feminine flowers, to solid spiderwebs and intricate mandalas, these boob tats are too pretty to hide. Use these side-boob tattoo ideas to inspire adding art around your perfect pair.