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15 Jason Butcher and Lianne Moule Collabos That Wowed the Sh-t Out of Us

Collaboration tattoos almost always produce amazing works of art. If you follow our Instagram, we posted a video last fall of an amazing back piece which was the result of a six-way collabo by Steve Butcher, Jak Connolly, Sam Barber, Benjamin Laukis, Matt Jordan and Yomico Moreno. Another team-up that we've been keeping our eyes on — whose recent addition to their portfolios have mostly been awe-inspiring collaborative pieces with one another — are Jason Butcher and Lianne Moule of Immortal Ink.

Individually, these U.K.-based artists create awesome tattoos, and when you mix their distinct styles together — his, a black and grey realism with a morbid twist, and hers, a blend of soft colors often with floral designs — it somehow fits seamlessly, complementing one another. Their synergy has brought about some of the most breath-taking tattoos that we've ever laid eyes on, and we thought we'd round up some of their amazing collaborations for you to behold.

Fire up the slideshow below and get inspired!