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15 Sexiest Tattoo Placements for Men & Women

There is absolutely something to be said about where a person decides to place their tattoos, and some areas are more attractive than others...

Your skin will become irresistible with these tattoos

People get tatted up for so many different reasons. The most shallow (and popular) reason to get a tattoo is to make yourself look a little hotter to the opposite gender. We don't judge if that's what you want to do! We'd actually like to offer you some advice in the matter. If you're going to get a piece of permanent skin art to be more attractive, you should consider getting it in one of these proven hot spots.

Charmaine Glock selfie

Credit: Facebook @Charmaine Obreezy

Credit: Facebook @Charmaine Obreezy


You've got to really be in love with your boobs if you want to get them completely covered in ink. It seems that most women who get them have implants, but they can take the risk because they won't be sagging as much with age.