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16 Tiny Tattoos Found on Hailey Baldwin's Hot Body

The 16 Tiny Tattoos on Hailey Baldwin's Body

Hailey Baldwin is the Queen of Tiny, Hidden Tattoos

When you hear the name Hailey Baldwin, you probably think of her stunning good looks and the reputation she’s making for herself in the fashion world, but certainly not her tattoos, right? You might be surprised to learn then, that the daughter of Stephen and Kennya Baldwin has at least 16 tattoos, but the model favors tiny, discreet pieces that she can easily keep hidden, so her ink is rarely on display. Lucky for us, Hailey’s go-to tattoo artist, New York City’s JonBoy, has documented the model’s tattoo transformation on his Instagram account, and we've laid them all out for your viewing pleasure.

Click the photo gallery below to see 'em all!

 Photo: JonBoy/Instagram

Photo: JonBoy/Instagram