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21 Wonder Woman Tattoos That Are Full of Power

The most iconic superheroine rendered in ink.

Wonder Woman is by far the most iconic superheroine of all time. Yeah, Storm, Rogue and Phoenix from X-Men are high up on the totem pole, but they all pale in comparison to DC Comics' amazonian demigoddess. Don't debate me on this! With the highly-anticipated release of Wonder Woman in theaters this weekend (June 2), we decided to dive into the Internet in search of some of the most awesomely powerful tattoos inspired by Diana Prince herself a.k.a Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman tattoo by Laurent Marin.

Wonder Woman tattoo by Laurent Marin.

Wonder Woman tattoo by Laurent Marin.

Nothing's Getting Through The Bracelets of Submission

Tattoo by Sarah Miller.

The Warrior Princess of Themyscira

Tattoo by David Mushaney.

Traditionally Wonderful

Tattoo by Frankie Mejia.

Beautiful Piece!

Tattoo by Alex Rodriguez.

Cool New School Wonder Woman

Tattoo by Amir Husky.

Ready To Strike Down Evildoers

Tattoo by Ben Ochoa.

Wonder and Watercolor

Tattoo by Alberto Cuerva.

Wonder Woman/Terminator Mash Up!

Tattoo by Trevor Jameus.

Wonder Woman à la Día de los Muertos

Tattoo by Ben Labrum.

Awesome Tat, Awesome Placement

Tattoo by Rick Walter.

Cool Derek Laufman Design!

Tattoo by Phoenix Blaze.

Up! Up! And Away!

Tattoo by JonO.

Bold and Beautiful

Tattoo by Damon.

Lovin' This Tattoo!

Tattoo by Chad Clayton.

She's Got the Power on Her Hand

Tattoo by Ufoo Tattoo.

We Love Wonder Woman This Much, Too

Tattoo by Laurent Marin.

Tattoo by Jes Martin.