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A History of Ozzy Osbourne's Tattoos

Ozzy Osbourne has some of the most iconic tattoos in history. Check out some of the Prince of Darkness' favorite pieces and the stories behind them.

A Look at the Prince of Darkness' Iconic Ink

Rock n' roll legend Ozzy Osbourne, the undisputed "Godfather of Heavy Metal", has some of the most sinister style on the planet. His outrageous personality is the embodiment of what it means to genuinely not give a f***. Naturally his tattoos reflect the Black Sabbath frontman's iconic taste and have been copied by thousands over the years.

After Black Sabbath released their first album in the early 1970's, Ozzie's career has spanned almost five decades. He's done it all: a successful solo music career, a reality TV star, acting in major movies, writing a best-selling book, and even starting his own music festival.

There is only one 'Ozzman' and his tattoos have always been an essential part of his image, but did you know that the same guy who bit the head off a bat has smiley faces tattooed on his knees? We decided to create the following gallery exploring the legendary rocker's most famous pieces and some that you may not have ever noticed.

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Source: WIkipedia

Source: WIkipedia

Hand of Doom

Ozzy says the O-Z-Z-Y on his knuckles was one of his first tattoos. A home job at age 16, he claims this was one of the only tattoos he ever received while actually being stone-cold sober.

Vampire Skull

Ozzie's upper-left chest has a vampire skull, hooded in a red cloth. At closer look, you can see that it's forehead has a crack, almost like a bullet hole.

The resemblance to Skeletor is uncanny.


Osbourne's wife, Sharon, who we all got to know on their MTV hit show The Osbournes, has her name tattooed on his right shoulder underneath a rose. She claims he got it while drunk and totally surprised her with it.


Ozzy's left wrist has another home job tattoo of a stick man walking. Above it are little thought bubbles. When holding a microphone, it looks like he's running into his mouth.

Heart Locket

On his inner forearm he has a heart locket as a tribute to his mother.

Chinese Dragon

One of the largest and most recognizable tats on Ozzy's body is his flaming blue dragon on his upper-right chest. The artistry of this piece resembles that of ancient Chinese folklore.


On his right forearm he has a tattoo of a dagger that reads "Mom" on a banner across. One of his first pieces, the Ozzman got this one when he was 15 years old. Looking back, he doesn't really know why...

"I don't understand why, when I got tattoos all those years ago, everybody had daggers," he said. "I don't see what the f***ing point was now, but back then you would go for a dagger on the arm."

The Gargoyle

On his left shoulder he has an elaborate tattoo of a menacing gargoyle. In its clutch is the head of a zombie/vampire woman who strongly resembles his wife Sharon, but he doesn't claim it's supposed to resemble her.

Jack Osbourne

Coming a long way from the angsty young teenager that appeared on The Osbournes, an all-grown-up Jack Osbourne has his own collection of impressive needlework.

Like Father Like Son

While Ozzy's tattoos are located mainly on his arms and chest, his son Jack decided to follow in his father's footsteps and get some dragon ink as well. His entire back is a Chinese-style battle scene of a warrior fighting a dragon.


Jack Osbourne also has this tribute to his young daughter, Pearl, located in a similar spot his dad has his tribute to his mother.

Ink on Her Mind

Kelly Osbourne, whose own music career has led her to take up social activism, has the word "Stories" on the side of her head.

Trinket Tats

She also has small hearts and triangles around her fingers and wrists.

Smiley Faces

A rare sight to see, Ozzy's knees actually have two 'stick-n-poke' smiley faces on them. One of the many tattoos Ozzy doesn't remember getting.

Monster Sleeve

One of his later additions is the sleeve on his right arm. A cacophonous collage of monsters, fire, dragons, and other things that go bump in the night.