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Tackling Multiple Mediums

Fifteen-year tattoo veteran, Darwin Enriquez, didn’t intend on slinging ink for a living. His entrance into tattooing started through his skill for drawing. Looking through tattoo magazines, Enriquez felt that he had the necessary artistic aptitude to conceptualize praise-worthy tattoo designs. He began by first creating designs for his friends, and then he stepped it up a notch by doing the same for actual tattooers in a local shop after school in his hometown of Valencia, Venezuela. At the behest of the many people that came to him for designs, Enriquez made the decision to finally take hold of a tattoo machine, teaching himself the craft while picking up a few tips from established artists along the way.

Now, Enriquez is a resident artist at Paul Booth’s famed Last Rites Tattoo Theatre in New York City, specializing in realism (with a hint of his own personal style). Another medium that the Venezuelan artist has recently ventured into is photography. Capturing awe-inspiring images of New York City, Enriquez has amassed a beautiful portfolio full of wondrous photographs of the concrete jungle.

Flip through the slideshow below, as wecaught up with the multi-talented artist to chop it up about both his ink and photography work. 

 Tattoo sleeve by Darwin Enriquez.

Tattoo sleeve by Darwin Enriquez.