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Calista Melissa Hates Pants

This Girl Refuses To Wear Bottoms

We all know that the best pants are, in fact, no pants. A model who knows this intimately is Calista Melissa who seems to refuse to wear much more that panties (and often she goes sans underwear). We love her for this along with her ink, curves and devastating eyes. She's a jewel that makes us wish that we would all be so bold as to Donald Duck it. No? OK well enjoy Calista and especially her well-placed skull and bow tattoos.

Photo by @Relayze

Photo by @Relayze

Photo by @Relayze

Table Service

No elbows on the eating surface, as for other parts, would you tell her "no?"


Looks like she tried pants once and they split on her.

Stay True, Calista

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