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Check Out Cowboys Draft Pick Ryan Switzer’s Regrettable Tattoo

You Won't 'Believe' Your Eyes

North Carolina wide receiver Ryan Switzer was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys on April 29, and the 22-year-old, who is considered “deadly” on punt returns, is expected to bring a little extra spark to the Cowboys roster. But, one week after the draft, all we can think about is that unbelievable tattoo Switzer had inked inside his lower lip.

Ryan Switzer poses for a photo on Instagram. Photo: Instagram.

Ryan Switzer poses for a photo on Instagram. Photo: Instagram.

A Gridiron Speedster

In his senior season at the University of North Carolina, Ryan Switzer racked up 96 receptions for 1,112 yards and six touchdowns, making him a valuable addition to the Cowboys roster.’s Spencer Hall calls the 22-year-old “a slot receiver with tremendous return ability,” and Switzer himself believes he’s “the best returner in the draft.” But it wasn’t until Switzer was selected in the fourth round of the NFL draft (133rd pick overall), that we got to see the one thing no one seemed to know about him. The wide receiver pulled down his lower lip onscreen to show off the “Believe” tattoo he has inked there in black, along with some crude stars.

Can You Believe It?

The photo of Ryan Switzer’s infamous lip tattoo has made its rounds on Twitter, accompanied by comments like, “When you believe in yourself so much that you tattoo ‘Believe’ IN YOURSELF.” When asked, post-draft, about the meaning behind the ink, Switzer told Dallas Morning News that he got the tat in high school. “It is my absolute favorite word,” Switzer said about his “Believe” tattoo. “It is my mantra, what I live by.” And, as for its location, he explained, “[Inside the lip] was a place where at the time my mom wouldn’t be able to see it and get mad at me.” Of course.