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Chris Brown Tattooed by Ink Master's Halo

Chris Brown Adds More Animated Tattoos To His Collection

Chris Brown has been a tattoo fiend since the ink needle first pricked his skin when he was 13-years-old. Since then, Brown has gotten as the kids say these days: "tatted the f-ck up!" And, it seems like he has no plans to stop the tattoo ink flow anytime soon, as yesterday (March 30) the tatted up crooner met with Halo, of Ink Master fame, for a pre-concert tattoo session in Baltimore.

Flip through the slideshow to get the deets on this and other cool ish you might have not known about CB's tattoo collection.

Image of Chris Brown from his feature in Urban Ink's May 2016 issue. Photo: Miguel Starcevich.

Photo: Miguel Starcevich

Brown has expressed his love for anime with his tattoos of Astro Boy and Mega-Man, and even his rides have gotten the anime treatment, as earlier this year TMZ got their hands on a photo of Breezy's "Super Sayan" Lambo.