25+ Incredible Cover Up Tattoos (Before and After Pictures)

Surveys use the big “25%” to reflect the percentage of people who regret their tattoos. But this number doesn't mean a quarter of tattooed people wish they didn't get inked at all.
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Being “too young”, under the influence, or just swept away by love are some of the numerous reasons people regret their tattoos. In fact, there are 4 types of tattoo trends that are reported to be the most regretted. (Spoiler: surprisingly, name tattoos are number one.) Personality and style changes are a leading reason why someone might have second thoughts about their tattoo.

Removing a tattoo through the painful-- and incredibly expensive-- laser procedure is a viable option. However, only 11% of all tattooed people go to laser treatment, out of the 25% of people who regret their tattoos. However many cover-ups aren’t necessarily done because of a regrettable tattoo. In many cases, a client wants a cover up ink because the color is faded or they want to update the style. However, there are cases of the tattoo-gone-bad. These cover up tattoos prove that tattoos gone bad can transform into tattoos gone right.